Things That Could Be Ruining Your Skin

Keeping your skin soft, fresh, and clean is a daily habit. Did you know that you could be doing things that are ruining your skin daily? Here are somethings that could be ruin your skin and how to prevent them from doing so.

1. Too Much Chlorine.
Chlorine is only something you need to worry about during the summer, but chlorine can dry out your skin and even change the color of your hair if not properly washed off. To be sure that you have gotten rid of all the chlorine, use extra sudsy soap. It will keep the chlorine from clinging to your skin, or body products.

2. Sleeping With Your Make-up On.
Sleeping with your make-up on can cause clogged pores, and bacterial infections which both cause acne. Wash your face at night and remove any make-up. If you are someone who tends to forget, leave make-up removing wipes next to your bed so you will remember when you get ready for bed.

3. Caffeine.
Caffeine helps to dry out the skin, and magnifies wrinkles in your skin. To balance out the caffeine in coffee, tea or pop drink lots of water. Water will hydrate your skin and help enhance its natural glow. You can even add lemon, orange or cucumber to add extra flavor.

4.Popping Pimples.
Everyone tends to see a white or black head on there face and the first thing they think of is, “I need to pop that.” Well picking at the skin on your face will push dirt and bacteria into the pores and can cause more acne. Instead, use water as hot as you can stand it (but not so it is burning) to open up your pores and exfoliate your face if you do not have time to see an Esthetician, other wise set up an appointment to get a facial, and the technician can direct you to use products that will help with your breakouts.

5. Long Hot Showers.
Hot Showers are great every once in a while, but the hot water actually strips away the outer layer of your skin. Be sure to limit the amount of time you are in the shower. It is best to gradually cool off the water, the longer you are in there, and it won’t be as cold when you get out.

6. Testing Too Many Products.
When testing perfume, cosmetics, lotions, or cleansers, use a small patch on your arm. That way you don’t risk having an allergic reaction on your face. Limit your self to just a few products, that way you minimize the amount of smells, and chances to have a reaction. Some products don’t mix well with others.

7. Not Drinking Enough Water.
Many of us are culprits of not hydrating ourselves properly. By not drinking enough water, we are actually speeding up the aging process of our skin. It causes rough, shrunken skin. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate to give yourself beautiful, glowing skin.

8. Getting Hair Products O Your Face.
If you have ever had your hair done by a hair stylist and they used hair spray on your head, you will notice how the cover your face in the process. This is not only to protect your eyes but your skin as well. Hair products can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Be sure to cover your face when using hair products, and to use a sweat band at the gym to keep products from sweating out onto your face.

These are 8 things that could be ruining your skin. I really learned a lot and hope you learned something too. Hope this helps you to have healthier, glowing skin.


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