The Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Styling

Keeping your hair healthy and strong is not always an easy task. You color, highlight, straighten, blow-dry, and curl your hair all the time, so it seems like you do more damage then good. Here are some tips to help you return your hair to its natural healthy self.

DO- Use a heat protector. Almost every line of hair products has a heat protector. They prevent frizz, fly-away’s, split ends, breakage, and dullness. Use a heat protector before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair. 
DO- Pick the right tools. Use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to remove tangle’s from your hair. Use a blow-dry with 2,000 watts or over to get a smooth, shiny style, with shorter drying time.
DON’T- Manhandle wet hair. When hair is wet, that is when it is the most fragile. Avoid excessive tugging, teasing, tying it up, and sleeping on it when wet. After you shower, wait a few minutes before brushing it. Add a leave in conditioner or detangler to help minimize damage and make hair easier to brush through. 
DON’T- Obsessively flat iron. Flat ironing causes the most heat damage to hair. Set your iron at 400 degrees or less to avoid breakage. 
DON’T- Forget your scalp. Any time you color your hair, you should do a treatment to help minimize the damage done to your hair. Scalp treatments with natural oils like almond, and coconut, help hair grow healthier and stronger. 
DON’T- Skip the sunscreen. Most people know to put sunscreen on your skin but you can’t forget about the damage the sun does to your hair. For every 100 hours of direct sunlight it is the equivalent of 30 minutes of bleach on your hair. Use a mist or products that have UV protection in it, if you are going to be spending a day in the sun.
Use these tips to properly style your hair and avoid any excess damage. 
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