Summer Hair Trends

Every year trends change. Whether they are for hair, make-up, nails, or clothes, you always need to be in on what’s hot and what’s not. The summer time is when people let lose and have fun, but it is also when you can make a great statement when you go out. This summers hair trends have been done before, but there are ways that they have been refreshed to make them new again. Here are some of the latest hair trends for this summer.

Super Straight Hair.
Having super straight hair can take a lot of work for some hair types, and can cause damage. You should first make sure your hair is in good shape. Start by using daily treatments to build up your hair strength. Once your hair is in good shape, you can straighten it. First use a heat protecting spray. This will help to keep your hair from receiving extra damage. After you have applied the spray, straighten your hair from roots to ends, using small one inch sections. Keep your flat iron under 400 degrees. After you have fully straightened your hair, lightly apply an oil over it. The oil will help to restore some moisture into the hair, and give your hair an added shine.
To change up the straight look, you can move around your part and try something a bit more dramatic, or you can pull part of it back and pin it.

Great Blow-outs
Great blow-drys are achieved by using good shampoo and conditioner as well as the right products for your hair type. To achieve a great blow-out, a stylist will apply products of there choosing to freshly washed hair. Different products work for different hair types, and it is best to use products that your hair dresser recommended for you. Then they will ruff dry the hair at the roots. After the ruff drying, they will section your hair into smaller sections, and use a round brush that best suits your hair to round brush your hair. The end style could be straight, flipped out, flipped under or have a wave to it but all styles will be smoothed down, frizz free, and long lasting.
Change up your blow-dry from what you normally get. If it is always straight, add some curl to the ends, and if tend to keep your hair flatter, have your stylist add a volume booster and give you lots of volume and movement in your hair. You can also change up your part, to create volume on top and a different look.

Low Buns & Ponytails
Putting you hair in a high ponytail or a messy bun is the easiest way to style your hair while always on the go. While they may look cute for some occasions, they are not cute for all. Try to change it up a bit. Pulling your hair back in a sleek ponytail is good for any job interview, or even for an everyday look. If you always put your hair in a ponytail, try a sleek bun. All you have to do is wrap the hair around the ponytail and secure with a hair tie. It is really simple and easy. You can change up the bun, if you are going out to a nice dinner or to a special occasion like a wedding by creating your own bun. Put your hair in a ponytail and secure. Lightly tease small sections of the ponytail, but make sure all of the teasing is underneath. Take the hair and form a bun by tucking it underneath the ponytail and securing it with bobby pins. Make sure the hair is smoothed. Add a light coat of hairspray to help smooth fly away’s. You can also add braids to your hair to make it more of a relaxed feel.

Fringe or Bangs
Having bangs is great to hide imperfections people may see in themselves. If you like more of a softer look, try a side swept bang. You can make it really soft by keeping it choppy or more dramatic by having a deep angle. If you have strong features and want something more daring, then a shorter straight across bang would be a good look to enhance your features. If your not sure you want short bangs, go for the side swept grown out bang. They are longer so you can wear them down or pull them back depending on what you want.

Hair Accessories
Hair accessories are an easy way to add a little something extra to any look. If your wearing your hair down or in a simple bun or ponytail, dress it with a head scarf to add a pop of color. If you want to add a little bling, use a rine-stoned headband. To glam up an everyday look, add a big bow for a headband. It is a cute way to combine together your hair and outfit. If you are going to have your hair in an updo, set it off by adding a rine-stoned clip or even some flowers to really make your hair stand out from all the others.

You can never go wrong with a braid. They can add class to any look, and go from casual to classy in a matter of minutes. For a low-key look, go for a side hanging braid. If your want to add a little something to an up-do, braid a section before doing the up-do. If you want a look that is good for any occasion, add a rope braid or french braid in your bangs, and curl or straighten your hair. It is a look that can be casual or for a special occasion and it works great for short hair. 


Short Hairstyles & Cuts
Short haircuts are making a comeback. From the pixie cuts to a bob you can have a short hairstyle but still feminine. If you want something edgy and easy to style, go for a pixie cut. You have a bang in the front, but the rest of your hair is short. If you want something a bit more girly try a bob. A bob can be any length from just above your shoulders to right below your ears. They are easy to style, and it still looks good at the in-between stages. To make the cut a little more edger, get an angled bob. In the angled bob, the hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. You have to keep up on the look and get it cut every 6 weeks. The short cuts all look really cute paired with bags.

Fun Colored Hair
The last big trend of the summer is having fun colored hair. Whether you want to try something  new that’s permanent or temporary adding bright or pastel colors can give you that change you are looking for. The favorite colors for the summer are lavender, blue and mint green. If you are really daring, you can go for the all over color. If your not sure about the whole head, add some highlights or low-lights. If you just want a touch of a different color, try a peek a boo. A peek a boo is a small section of hair that is colored differently then the rest. 

Head to your nearest and best hair salon to try out one of these fun summer trends on yourself. You will stand out from everyone else, and make a statement. Remember to take good care of your hair. 


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