Rules For Women To Follow & Break Part 2

In continuation of the last post, we left off after learning what rules women in the 30’s and 40’s should follow or break. Now for our lovely ladies in there 50’s or 60’s, here are some rules that should be followed and that should be broken. Enjoy.

During your 50’s, most women go thru menopause, which makes women stop producing estrogen. Estrogen helps keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Without estrogen the skin becomes dry, sensitive, and can even being to sag. Now we cannot fix all the places that begin to sag with out surgery but we can fix some areas. 

You may have noticed that your hair is not quite as thick as it once was. This is because your hair follicles have began to shrink, and it is not producing as much hair as it once was. Some people may continue to have more hair than others. To give the appearance of fuller hair your can use a bigger round brush at the crown of your head. This will allow you to get more volume on top. Now you need to slow down the thinning process and maybe even create more hair growth. You can do this by using shampoo and conditioner designed for thinning hair. There are a few different brands out there so it us up to you which one you should choose, but look for one that has minoxidil in it. It is the only drug approved to stimulate aging follicles and to help the regrowth process of the hair. 

You may have realized that you skin is much more sensitive and and redder then it used to be. Estrogen helps to reduce inflammation, and now you are becoming sensitive to your normal products.  Try using a redness relief treatment to help reduce the irritation, and redness of your skin.

As you age, you may begin to lose color in your hair and eyebrows. If the color on your eyebrows has begun to fade, try using an eyebrow pencil to fill it in. Not a fan of having to fill them in everyday? Then go a spa or salon and get them tinted. It is an easy 10 minute process and it will give you brow color for 3 to 4 weeks. 

Rule to Break: Skipping Shimmer. To create a natural glow, you should use sheer, reflective colors. Just do not go overboard on the glitter part. Keep it light, simple, and natural looking. Use a shimmer lip gloss, with an eyeshadow or blush that have the words luminescent, radiant, or glowing in the name. They are light-diffusing particles that give a more flattering look. They also sink into the skin rather than sitting on top of it.


Just because you are a little older doesn’t mean you have to have short hair.  Keeping your hair around shoulder length can actually knock up to 10 years off of your look. Because the texture of your hair has changed, be sure to not let it get too long. It can loose and body, and if its thinner the ends will look straggly.

You may notice that no matter how much moisturizer you use, your skin still is dry and sore. Try using one that contains ceramics, phospholipids or jojoba and borage oil. Use it twice a day once in the morning once before bed to keep your skin moisturized at all times. 

This is the time when your lashes are thinner and your eyes seem smaller. To make your eyes appear more open and your lashes fuller, use a thin line of eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Stay away from black, and go for a lighter color. Black can have the opposite effect and make eyes look smaller. Also avoid the lower lashes. It can emphasize dark circles and puffiness.

Rule to Break: Exfoliate. Although exfoliation is necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells, avoid exfoliating too much. Since your skin is as elastic as it once was, too much exfoliation can cause redness, irritation, burning and bruising. So instead go to the spa once a week for a lint enzyme or glycolic peel. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

I hope this helps you get a better understanding of what you should use on your skin, and why you are reacting differently to products you once loved. Try a few of these tips out and see what works best for you. You can always see a doctor for recommendations.


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