Rules Every Women In There 30’s & 40’s Should Follow & Break

When your body hits its 30’s, it begins to change again. Skin and hair can become more oily or dry than it was before. Having children will also change the hormones in your body. There are certain hair and skin care rules that you should follow to get the best looking skin and hair possible. But there are allows rules you should bend or break. Here are some skin tips to help you in your 30’s, and 40’s.


Everyone says that your 30’s are supposed to be your prime. When you feel the most comfortable in your skin, hair and body. For your hair, be sure that every time you wash it, you use a conditioner. Your scalp no longer produces the amount of oil it did when you were in your teens. You need to be careful because your hair is more fragile from coloring, styling and general wear and tear, it also produces less oil. The scalps natural oil its what helps to give it strength and elasticity. Conditioner can help replace the oil production. Condition your hair after each shampoo, and once a week use a mask. 

Your skin is the largest the largest organ in your body, and the only one you can see. What you do to your skin in your teens and twenties will effect the aging process of your skin. Start a intense skin care regimen. Start by washing your face and then exfoliating. The exfoliate will remove the dead skin cells from your face. Apply sunscreen every day to protect from anti-aging and burning rays. Since your skin absorbs the best when you are resting, apply a night time cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also be sure to add a vitamin c serum into your morning and night time route to help restore your skins natural glow. 

When your under lots of stress, your body reacts in different ways from brittle nails to hair falling out to rashes on your skin and dark circles under your eyes. This is when a good concealer is needed. Invest in two different ones. For under your eyes, go for something with peach or yellow tones to reduce the appearance of dark circles. For the redness, something with green tones to neutralize the red. To cover the rest of your face, contour with a lightweight tinted lotion for a flawless, natural look.

I am sure you have been told by a dermatologist, your esthetician or even your own mother to not pick at your skin because it will lead to scarring. Well you still should not pick at acne, but you can touch your face. Use your hands when washing your face, or applying products. When your pores do not get enough oxygen, your skin will look dull. Once a week after you shower, because the steam allows he pores to open, put on a mask that is clay based to pull out any extra bacteria and clogged pores. Any bad acne, should be extracted by a trained professional.

After following the same beauty trend for years, have you begun to notice your hair doesn’t have as much oomph, your skin isn’t as bright, and your make-up tricks don’t work as well as they once did? No need to worry! It is time for a little upgrade. 

After you hit 40, you hair texture can change from hormones to become, wavier, straighter, or courser. Some women even experience hair loss from pregnancy or hormones as well. It is time to go with it and change up our styling routine a bit. For curly hair, play up the texture by using light weight mousse to enhance the curl. For straight hair, use a root lifter to add volume in the crown area. For course hair, use more moisturizing products like daily moisture shampoo and conditioner, or a moisturizing treatment. If you are one of the women who are suffering from thinning hair, switch to a shampoo and conditioner that is created for thinning hair to help keep it from thinning more. 

Your 40’s are the time of menopause. Your skin changes and all the damage from the years prior begin to show up. To help reduce the appearance of these, and to help prevent more from appearing, switch to anti aging products packed with vitamin a and c. They will help keep skin clear, looking fresher, smoother, and fuller. If you have sensitive skin, consult with your dermatologist or esthetician to find products that are fit for your skin.

Make-up can actually make you look younger or older than you actually are. Wearing lots of make-up  can age you rather quickly.  Use light sheer colors that won’t sink into fine lines and make you look tired, but will rather give you a glow. Sheer colors are more forgiving than dark, heavy colors, so update your make-up to sheer colors.

You should wash your hair as little as possible. You should not wash your hair everyday but only washing it once a week can stimulate hair growth, especially during this time when hair growth is the most important. Oil and dirt will build up on your scalp will put your scalp at risk and prevent future hair growth. Going 3 days between each shampoo should be your max.

I hope these rules will help you to having healthier looking hair and skin. Next week will be a continuation of this post for women in there 50’s and 60’s.


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