Preparing Yourself For Fall

When the weather begins to change, you need to prepare yourself so it doesn’t effect you in a harsh way. Trends change as quickly as the seasons, but it is still important to keep up with your beauty treatments. Here are the current things you need to continue doing, to make sure you look great during the colder months.

Nail Care
Getting regular manicures and pedicures is not just a thing of the summer, and its not just for women. Men need to get there nails filed, cleaned, and feet scrubbed just as much as women do. Most people think that you only have to get pedicures when your toes are going to be showing. It is even more important to get your nails done in the dry, colder months then in the summer. Even though your feet are not showing, they still get dry, and brittle. Your nails should be cleaned, filed, and the cuticles pushed back to help prevent diseases and injuries. You should get a manicure every two weeks. The more often you get your nails done, the stronger they will grow, the healthier, and nicer they will look. You should get a pedicure every 4 weeks, to keep them from getting dry, brittle, and callused. 
There are great nail polish colors that you can use. The in fall colors are deep berry colors like pink and purple, dark neutral colors like nude and grey’s, polish with fine glitter, and darker shades of blue. Try out one of these colors by coming in for a manicure/pedicure today.

Skin Care
Taking care of your skin is extremely important. Always wear sun block, exfoliate your skin, and wash your face with the correct regimen. You should go in and get a facial at least once a month. It will really cleanse your skin, remove any dead skin cells as well as dirt, and give it a more firmer, youthful look. It allows a professional to look at your skin, to figure out if it is lacking any vitamins, moisture, or is producing to much oil. They will help guide you to use the best products for your face and body. Not only should you get facials to take care of your face, but you should also get a monthly body scrub as well. Body scrubs exfoliate your skin, to give it a healthier look and feel. There are three different types that we do. They are a sugar scrub, salt scrub, and a coffee scrub. The salt scrub is used as a cleansing and exfoliating procedure, that leaves your skin clean. The sugar scrub is a more milder scrub, but has the same effects as the salt scrub. A coffee scrub is a bit different. It is harsher then the both scrubs, and can be called a sauna scrub. It is used to exfoliate, and detoxify. It can help reduce cellulite by filtering into problem areas, help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and help reduce excess water weight. They all exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate skin to leave it smooth, soft and with a healthy glow.  Come in and get your facial or body scrub today.

Hair Care
Getting a hair trim every 4-6 weeks is important all year round. As the fall approaches, the colder weather and wind will dry out your hair. To help with the dryness and to improve the amount of moisture in your hair, you should come in every 2-3 weeks to get a treatment. If you color your hair, you should have a treatment to help restore your hair back to its original health. Each treatment does different things. We offer a wide variety of hair treatments that range from a deep condition treatment, to restorative, to keratin treatments. In the fall people like to change up there haircut and color. Rich browns and red-browns are in for the fall, as well as long-layered haircuts, and short haircuts. Come in to get your hair cut, a treatment and maybe even a color.

These trends and services will help you to get prepared for fall. Come in and let us pamper you.


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