More Hairstyles To Try In 2015

With so many different trends you can almost try out something new everyday. Mixing and matching things are the fun part about fashion. As your trying out different styles of clothes, why not try a different style of hair as well. Here are some more popular hair trends to try in 2015.

1.) School Girl Hair
The school girl hair is sweet and simple. It can be done with any hair type or texture. Simple do a side part to the side of your head that you prefer, and bobby pin your hair to that side at about eyebrow level. Make sure its tight so it doesn’t move and the look is complete.

2.) Retro Waves.
Retros waves is one of the more difficult styles to master. It is great for any formal event like a wedding. It involves using rollers on the top of your head for volume and curling the rest of your head in alternating directions. After the hair is cooled, hairspray it. Then lightly brush out and smooth hair to desired shape. Apply more hairspray. This is a look that is best to be left to the professionals.

3.) Messy Ballerina Bun.
Another really easy to do hairstyle. Start by pulling your hair back into a slicked ponytail. Lightly tease sections of your hair (if not already curly or wavy) to give some added texture. Wrap into a bun, its okay if its kind of messy and secure it with bobby pins or a hair tie.

4.) Bombshell Blow-out.
Another pretty easy to do style (as long as you can work a curling iron). Start by adding mousse to wet hair. Ruff dry your hair so it is about 70-80% dry. Pull out a big curling iron (about 2 inches around) and curl the front sections of your hair. After run your fingers threw it for a messy waved look.

5.) Fishtail Bun.
The fishtail bun is easy if you can fishtail braid hair. Start by putting your hair in a low ponytail. Split your hair into 2 sections, and grab small sections from each side alternating all the way down the hair strand. They should cross over and make a continuous v shape all the way down. Wrap around into a bun and secure with hair pins and bobby pins. Finish with your favorite hairspray.

6.) Sexy Pigtails.
Going back to the school girl hair, this is another classic school girl look. Start with second day curled or air dried hair (the texture makes it sexier). Create a messy center part and split your hair in two. Use hair bands to secure each section. Add a bit of hairspray to finish the look. 

7.) Weaved Ponytail.
This one is a bit harder to do since you can’t fully see your head. Start by parting out the top section, back section and sides of your hair. Split the top section of your hair into two, and cross over each other so the go into the side sections of your hair.  Cross over the side sections of your hair so they each go into the opposite side of the back section. Place into a ponytail and complete. This works best with straight hair, so straighten your hair before trying it out.

8.) Modern Crimps.
This is one of our stylists FAVORITE looks of the year. You start by picking out random sections of your hair, (choose between 3-6 depending on how thick your hair is) and using a small crimper, crimp each section of your hair. This adds a fun texture to any up-do or casual style. 

9.) Looped Through Bun.
This is a easy style, that is great for any women on the go. First pick a cotton headband and apply. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. Apply a stretchy headband over top so it creates a bun with the ponytail.

10.) Half-Up.
Not just half-up ponytail, this is  clip that loops the hair through it. When you pull your hair half up, pull less of it into the ponytail and leave more of it out. It makes your hair look thicker. 

Try out some of these hairstyles for your new go to look, you never know what you might love.


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