Hot Nail Colors for Summer!

Having your nails done is an absolute must in the summer, especially your toes. Getting a pedicure is a must to have your feet looking and feeling great at all times. Wearing sandals and going to the beach can be hard on our feet and they need a little love every now and them. And if your getting your toes done, might as well get your hands done too. Here are some great nail color ideas for the season!

Matching Hands & Toes

If your someone who has to have there hands and toes match, there are some great options to be in the same color palette, but do a lighter version on your hands and a darker version on your toes. They will compliment each other, and will still match (even if they are different colors). 

                 Hands                                                                                     Toes

Color Combos
If your some one who doesn’t mind not matching there hands and toes, these are colors for you. They are different, but are fun and still go together. The key is to have one that is is shimmery and one that is more neutral or just a solid bright color.
                                       Hands                                                                           Toes
Neutral on Hands, Bright on Toes
If you are someone who isn’t really into have a color on your hands, there is another option. Doing neutral colors on your hands are great. Then you can do any color on your toes, and you don’t have to worry if you want to change the colors on your toes because it will always match. Here are some great toe polish colors.

 Light Gray

 Bright Blue


 Bubble Gum Pink

 Bright Fuchsia 

To keep your polish lasting longer, while in the sun and pool, apply sunscreen onto your nails. It will keep the color from fading. Apply a top coat every other day to help keep them shiny. Also, apply hand cream or moisturizer before swimming because water can dull out the color. 

These are the hot nail colors for the summer. Hope your nails look great all summer long!


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