Fall Make-up Trends

The fall season has arrived! Now that you have your hair trends and nail trends for the season, how about you try some of these awesome make-up trends. They all can be played up or down depending on if you want a daytime or nighttime look.

Metallic Lids

Metallic eyeshadow will make you look more awake and your skin brighter. Start by picking your favorite metallic shadow or one to match your mani. Apply on top of your lids, following into the corners of your eyes, and finish with a coat of your favorite mascara. For daytime, keep the rest of your look simple with just a light lip gloss, for night you can add your favorite lipstick. 

Berry Lips

Berry lips is a trend rocked by quite a few different celebrities. Use a concealer on your lips to allow the color to stick better. Line them with a lip liner, and finish with a matching lipstick. For daytime, keep the rest of your color palette in the neutrals to not over power your look. For nighttime, complete your look with a some mascara and black eyeliner.

Flushed Cheeks

A bit of a rosy cheek is a good way to cover if your not feeling well, or just to add some color to enhance your cheek bones. To make a great flushed cheek, add a pink toned blush to the tops of your cheeks, and follow with a cream skin tone colored blush underneath. Blend the two together so there are no lines for a natural look.

Bright Eyes

Bright eyeshadow is a bold trend that is not for everyone. If you are fearless and want to try it here’s how. Choose a bright eyeshadow color you want to use. Apply to your lids, without any other colors or eyeliner. Keep the rest of your look completely natural and just add a shiny lip gloss. Your eyes are the only thing that needs to make a statement. 

Bold Brows

Thicker eyebrows were a thing of the 70’s and 80’s. In the recent years, they have been making a big comeback. Thicker shaped and darker brows are in! Start by getting your eyebrows tinted. It is an all natural dye made from vegetables, and lasts for weeks. It will darken your brows, and give them a more defined shape. Comb your brows, and use an eyebrow pencil to pencil in any thinner spots to complete the fuller look. Be sure to still get them shaped though.

Try out these fall make-up ideas at school, work, or even for a party. Pair them with the hot nail and hair trends, along with an amazing outfit and you are sure to be a hit where ever you go. 

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