Fall Hair & Nail Trends

September is officially here. That means back to school, summer is over and fall is about to begin. As the school year begins, and the leaves begin to change, why not change up your look just a bit. It is time to amp up your hair and nail game this season with these great trends for fall! 


1. Red. 
Red is a classic fall/winter color and for some people an all year around nail color. Add a twist on red this year with a fun design, textured polish or even a different shade then you would normally wear. 

2. Gray. 
Gray nail polish is no longer just for the more edgier girls. Gray is actually a great color for fall, and can be done as light or dark as you desire. Try to keep it simple without any added touches.

3. Jewel Tones.
From the summer trend or bright pastels, we move into the more darker colors of jewel tones. We have already mentioned reds, but now how about a sapphire or amethyst color on your nails. For an added touch, add a glitter coat over top, for that extra jewel like sparkle.

4. Metallics.
Metallic colored nail polish can be done in a variety of colors, and really can make an added statement to any outfit. Try out a silver, gold, or even purple metallic polish to find one that fits you.

5. Nudes.
And back for another season is nude nail polish! From a wide arrange of pinks to browns by many different brands, you should have no trouble finding the perfect shade for you. If you did nudes in the summer and want to stay with it, try going with a darker or lighter color then you did before, just to change it up a bit.

1. Color sombre.
A color sombre is a softer, more natural looking take on the summers ombre trend. So instead of going from dark brown to blonde, you would go from dark brown to a more medium red/brown. And from a darker blonde to a lighter blonde. 

2. Platinum.
This is an ongoing trend this year, because it can be done with short or long hair, and when it starts to grow out, it still looks good. Be careful when doing this look, because it is very damaging to the hair.

3. Long Bobs.
So you cut your hair into a bob a few months ago and its all grow out now, well it is a current trend! Go in and get it shaped up and you will be all set. This style is easy to maintain, and women love it. If you are thinking about changing up your cut this is a great one to do. 

4. Choppy Bobs.
A short choppy bob is a great cut for wavy or curly hair because it gives lots of texture, and keeps the hair fun. Be sure to specify exactly how short you want the bob, because if you go too short you may end up with a pixie cut. 

5. Sleek Ponys.
A sleek ponytail is a great look for any occasion. You can wear it around the house, to work, to a girls night out or even a dance. Whether you wear your hair curly, wavy, straight or even with a braid, you can never go wrong with this simple, classic look.

6. Texture, Texture, TEXTURE!
Lots of texture is in this fall. The finished, put together everyday, look is not. Let your hair be. When your hair is wet, towel dry it and put it up in a scrunchie for some great waves. Use a curl enhancing mousse to really amp up those waves. Or if you have wavy hair, let it air dry naturally. 

Try out some of these awesome trends for this fall. Whether its for your hair or nails, you will definitely be in this year when it comes to style!

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