7 More Bad Habit’s That May Be Giving You Acne!

Bad habit’s can be anything from your not eating the proper things, to smoking. It all depends on the person. Not all bad habit’s cause acne, but there are a lot that do. These habit’s can all be controlled by you, and I will tell you why they may be causing you acne, and what you can do to help fix it.

1) Using dirty make-up applicators. Using the same make-up applicator over and over without washing it, just keeps adding the previous oil and dirt back onto your skin. Certain applicators can not be washed, like make-up sponges, so after one use throw them away. Make-up brushes can be used more than once, so once a week you should clean your brushes with a cleanser or shampoo. It will help your make-up to go on smoother and your skin will be carrying less germs. 

2) Diet. Everyone has a different diet, but not all diet’s are good for you. People tend to have acne breakouts from eating too much daily, chocolate, or wheat. Watch your intake. If you notice any breakouts from eating any of these products, you could have a slight allergy. Just be careful to not consume too much if you notice breakouts, allergies can become worse over time.

3) The wrong clothes. Clothing material and the tightness ways heavily on if you get breakouts. Super tight clothing rubs continuously against your skin, and can cause irritation. Materials like polyester and lycra, hold dead skin cells and sweat in there material. This causes you to be constantly exposed to it. Try wear fabrics that let your skin breathe easier like cotton.Cotton is a material  that is all natural, which makes them looser fitting and allows breathing of the skin.

4) Smoking. Not only is smoking a terrible habit, that can cause cancer and kills millions of people a year. If you have noticed that you break out a lot, it could be caused from smoking. People who have bad acne as teenagers and who smoke, are much more likely to have acne as an adult. Smoking is very addictive, so it can be very hard to quit. Try cutting down on the amount you smoke, then trying quitting all together. Those are extra years you are giving yourself by quitting, and not to mention, it will help your skin look less dull, have less acne, and less aged.

5) Perfume. Perfumes always have great smells, and women love to smell good but adding fragrance onto your skin causes irritation. Spray a small amount on your wrists and rub them together, then lightly dab them onto your neck. Also avoid bath and shower products that have an added fragrance. These products can cause acne in very unwanted place such as your back, butt, and chest.

6) Being lazy with your routine. After along day of work or a fun night out, you just want to put on some pajamas and crawl into bed. Do not do this without taking off your make-up and completing your nightly skin care routine first. By skipping your routine, you are ruining all the progress you have already made with your skin. Be sure to remove all your make-up and use a rinse off cleanser to clean your skin of any excess dirt or oil. Then use a hydrating toner or light moisturizer, and add on an acne treatment. It will have your skin soft and smooth, while fighting off any breakouts. 

7) Tanning. People go to tanning beds to relax and get tan of course. People have been know to say that tanning helps them to get rid of there acne. In all reality tanning produces more skin cells, which means more dead skin cells, which leads to acne. You may notice your skin clearing up at first, but the longer you tan, the more breakouts you will get. Not to mention the higher risk of getting skin cancer. So avoid going to tanning beds, and opt for a spray tan. It is much healthier for your skin, and doesn’t cause acne.

I hope these tips helped you to realizing what you can do to help stop acne, and maybe to help out your body in other ways. We hope you live a long, healthy, happy, and acne free life.


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