Give Shellac A Chance!

Do not believe all the negative comments you have heard about shellac. Many people do not know what shellac is, and have not actually experienced it themselves. Shellac really does last up to two weeks without chipping, much longer than regular polish.  I am going to tell you all about shellac, regular polish, and gel polish so you will know how they all work, and why shellac is the best for your nails.

Regular Polish:

Everyone has used regular nail polish at least once in their live. You can find it any where and it only takes minutes to apply. It has thousands of different color options, and can be done by anyone. Regular nail polish also takes very log to dry. You have to apply a base coat, because if you do not, the polish will stain your nails. On top of staining your nails, it does not protect them against everyday things. Your nails can still break, split, bend and chip with normal polish. The color coats can become too thick or too thin which can cause streaks in the polish. You have to let your nails completely dry before going about with other activities, if you do not the polish may streak, smudge, or chip within a few hours of applying. It takes 1-2 hours for nails polish to be completely dry, even with a fast drying top coat. Nail polish can be removed pretty easily. It even starts to chip from using hand sanitizer. I would only recommend regular nail polish for your toes, that way it can dry full dry. 

Gel Nails/Polish, & Acrylics:

Gel and Acrylic nails are some of the worst things you can put onto your nails. Acrylic and gel nails are chemical compounds that are formed onto the surface of your nail plate. Your nail plate is filled down so it is a nice smooth service to work on. When you get your nails done, you notice an unpleasant odor, that can tend to give people headaches. When you get acrylic nails, you have to be careful to not damage your natural nail in the process. People have been known to get bacterial infections between the natural nail plate and the artificial nail. Having the nails on does keep you from biting your nails, and give the appearance of long nails. When you have gel or acrylic removed, you have them soaked in acetone for 20-30 minutes, which weakens you natural nail underneath. This can cause your nail to be thin, and easily broken. Gels are similar to acrylics but there are not as thick, and do not have an odor. However, gel nails do not hold polish to them very well, and  can break easier. Gel nails are also more expensive to have applied. The risk of getting an infection is the same. Gel polish is similar to shellac. It is applied almost the same exact way, and many salons call it shellac. Opi, Sally Hensen, and Gelish are all brands that make gel polish. Gel polish is thicker than shellac, and when it is removed, you have to soak it for up to a half hour. It says it lasts two weeks without chipping, but many people have had it chip in less then two weeks. They all are completely dry when finished.


Shellac is a no chip, no streaking, long lasting polish. It is cured under a light for a total of 13 mins. There is no odor, and it applies as easily as regular polish. Shellac is as thin as regular polish, but can be layered and the colors do not fade. Shellac strengthens your nails, by allowing them to breathe as they grow. Shellac also protects your nails from chipping, and splitting. The entire shellac removal process takes 10 mins or less. It does not have as many colors as regular polish, but it looks much better and lasts two weeks or sometimes even longer. If you have had acrylics or gel nails, your nails can be too weak for shellac to properly adhere to the nail. You have to give your nails up to a month before you try shellac, but once you try it, you will love it.

It is of course your choice as to what you do with your nails, I just know from personal experience I have had wonderful results with shellac, and my nails are now healthier than ever. Give shellac a try.


Natural Products To Use Everyday

All natural products are some of the easiest ways to get great beauty results. You can fill your skin and body with key vitamins and antioxidants. You can also use some of it to enhance your hair as well. Using all natural herbs are also a great way to heal your body. Try adding these few things into your everyday life and see a difference.

1) Apples. Apples are a great fruit, that can be added into just about anything. They are not only good for your body, but they also have a compound in them called malic acid. Malic acid loosens dead skin cells off of your body, and unclogs pores.

2) Cranberries. Cranberries can be great to help prevent and get rid of bladder infections. Since they have high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, cranberries in return help produce new skin cells and fight off damage from harsh weather conditions.

3) Spices. Spices like nutmeg, ginger, and lavender are great to be used in cooking, but there also great for your skin. They increase circulation to the skin and help to give it a natural glow. Ginger is also great if you have an upset stomach. Take 1 gram of ginger powder to help eliminate nausea and vomiting. 

4) Pumpkins. Pumpkins can be great to eat in pumpkin pie, but the also have vitamin a and tons of powerful enzymes. These enzymes can help to remove dead skin cells, and brighten your skin. It also softens your skin.

5)  Red Pepper and Turmeric. Red pepper and turmeric are all used to relieve pain. Red pepper is spicy, and used on the skin for pain relief. You rub it on the area that hurts, it may cause a mild burning, but is goes deep into the tissue to sooth the pain. Turmeric is a plant that is used for anti-inflammatory purposes. Mix a pinch into anything you are making, and it can help ease your pain.

6) Lemon Juice. Lemon juice is not only used for cooking, but can be great for your hair. Mix a cup of lemon juice with water and wash your hair with it. It gets rid of excess dirt and oil. It also gives it an added shine.

If you have burns, rub aloe straight from the plant on it. It will ease the pain of the burn and help reduce the swelling.

Try eating or adding any of these ingredients into your everyday life. They will help enhance the look of your skin, hair and your over all body. 


7 More Bad Habit’s That May Be Giving You Acne!

Bad habit’s can be anything from your not eating the proper things, to smoking. It all depends on the person. Not all bad habit’s cause acne, but there are a lot that do. These habit’s can all be controlled by you, and I will tell you why they may be causing you acne, and what you can do to help fix it.

1) Using dirty make-up applicators. Using the same make-up applicator over and over without washing it, just keeps adding the previous oil and dirt back onto your skin. Certain applicators can not be washed, like make-up sponges, so after one use throw them away. Make-up brushes can be used more than once, so once a week you should clean your brushes with a cleanser or shampoo. It will help your make-up to go on smoother and your skin will be carrying less germs. 

2) Diet. Everyone has a different diet, but not all diet’s are good for you. People tend to have acne breakouts from eating too much daily, chocolate, or wheat. Watch your intake. If you notice any breakouts from eating any of these products, you could have a slight allergy. Just be careful to not consume too much if you notice breakouts, allergies can become worse over time.

3) The wrong clothes. Clothing material and the tightness ways heavily on if you get breakouts. Super tight clothing rubs continuously against your skin, and can cause irritation. Materials like polyester and lycra, hold dead skin cells and sweat in there material. This causes you to be constantly exposed to it. Try wear fabrics that let your skin breathe easier like cotton.Cotton is a material  that is all natural, which makes them looser fitting and allows breathing of the skin.

4) Smoking. Not only is smoking a terrible habit, that can cause cancer and kills millions of people a year. If you have noticed that you break out a lot, it could be caused from smoking. People who have bad acne as teenagers and who smoke, are much more likely to have acne as an adult. Smoking is very addictive, so it can be very hard to quit. Try cutting down on the amount you smoke, then trying quitting all together. Those are extra years you are giving yourself by quitting, and not to mention, it will help your skin look less dull, have less acne, and less aged.

5) Perfume. Perfumes always have great smells, and women love to smell good but adding fragrance onto your skin causes irritation. Spray a small amount on your wrists and rub them together, then lightly dab them onto your neck. Also avoid bath and shower products that have an added fragrance. These products can cause acne in very unwanted place such as your back, butt, and chest.

6) Being lazy with your routine. After along day of work or a fun night out, you just want to put on some pajamas and crawl into bed. Do not do this without taking off your make-up and completing your nightly skin care routine first. By skipping your routine, you are ruining all the progress you have already made with your skin. Be sure to remove all your make-up and use a rinse off cleanser to clean your skin of any excess dirt or oil. Then use a hydrating toner or light moisturizer, and add on an acne treatment. It will have your skin soft and smooth, while fighting off any breakouts. 

7) Tanning. People go to tanning beds to relax and get tan of course. People have been know to say that tanning helps them to get rid of there acne. In all reality tanning produces more skin cells, which means more dead skin cells, which leads to acne. You may notice your skin clearing up at first, but the longer you tan, the more breakouts you will get. Not to mention the higher risk of getting skin cancer. So avoid going to tanning beds, and opt for a spray tan. It is much healthier for your skin, and doesn’t cause acne.

I hope these tips helped you to realizing what you can do to help stop acne, and maybe to help out your body in other ways. We hope you live a long, healthy, happy, and acne free life.


Bad Habit’s That Are Giving You Acne.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, acne is a problem that everyone has. It can pop up at anytime and can be caused by a number of different reasons. It can be hard to figure out what causes acne and how to prevent it. Here are some ways that you may be causing acne upon yourself and how you can stop it.

1) Using make-up with ingredients that can cause irritation. You should avoid products that contain artificial color, artificial fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, and isopropyl myristate. Artificial color is found in products like lipstick and blush, and can cause breakouts around the mouth and on the cheeks. Artificial fragrance can cause breakouts and skin irritation because your skin is sensitive to certain smells. Lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil are all forms of oil. They can be good if you have overly dry skin, but if your skin is oily, it will cause more oil to form in your pores, which creates zits. Isopropyl myristate is a product used in toners that can make your skin feel less greasy, when in reality it is clogging your pores. If you stay clear of these ingredients, it will help you to have acne free skin.

 2) Over drying your face. If you have oily skin, you tend to dry it out to get rid of the excess oil. Well, your skin will correct itself throughout the day if it is dry, so be drying out your skin you are actually producing more oil on your face. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, and use a mattifying moisturizer. It will soak up the excess oil on your face, with out drying it out.

3) Pressure. By constantly touching your face, or having something constantly exposed to your face, you are allowing the bacteria on the object to be forced onto your skin and into its pores. This will cause breakouts to form. Clean things you touch often, such as your hands, sheets, and pillow cases. It will help to minimize bacteria growth and keep it from going onto your skin.

4) Stress Pressure. If  you are constantly stressed out, this causes your hormone levels to rise, especially the ones that cause acne. Find ways to relax yourself and minimize the stress in your life. Your skin, body, and mind will all thank you.

5) Laundry. You always wash your clothes after wearing them once or sometimes twice, the same thing applies for your sheets, pillows, and towels. Your pillow especially holds tons of bacteria and dead skin cells, that you are lying on every night. Wash your pillow cases 1-2 times a week. After you shower, be sure to use a new towel every time, if you don’t, you are just putting all the dead skin cells, and germs back onto your body from your previous shower. Also you should wash your sheets once a week as well.

6) Hair Products. Women and men alike both use hair products, and if your hair is long enough to touch your face, it transfers those products onto your face and pillows. Be sure to wash your hair every night before you go to bed. Avoid hair products that contain oil, silicone’s  and plasticize-rs. They will weigh your hair down and clog your pores as well.


I hope you follow these tips and check the products you are using. They may be what is causing your acne, and could be the solution. Here is to healthy, acne free skin.