Keeping Your Hands & Feet Smooth & Polished

Having nice hands and feet are not just something women should be concerned about, men should be concerned too! Having nice, clean nails shows that you take pride in how you look, and care about good hygiene. Although going to a spa is the best way to have great looking nails, here are some tips for men and women on keeping your hands and feet looking great all year round, and in between visits to the spa.


1) Having dirty finger nails is one of the biggest turn offs. Washing your hands does not always get rid of the dirt. Buy a nail brush, and while you are in the shower, scrub your nails and toe nails with soap and water. It will remove the excess dirt and leave your hands sparkling clean. But to get a full effect, visit a spa once a month to get a manicure. For the men, you do not have to have your nails painted. The nail tech will file your nails so they are smooth, push back and trim your dead cuticles, and buff out your nails. And some places you get a hand massage. It really is a nice treat, and your nails will be much nicer looking.

2) Properly cutting your nails. When cutting your nails, make sure you cut them so the edges are rounded and not pointy. Having rounded edges, will keep you from scratching yourself, and catching it on things. After you have cut all of your nails to the same length, file them. Filing your nails keeps the free edge smooth, and nicely finished. 

3) Keeping your hands soft and smooth. Anyone who uses their hands on a daily basis, tends to build up calluses or have dryness. If you have callused hands try this: fill up a bowl with warm water and mix in some olive oil, about 2-3 tablespoons. Soak your hands for 5-10 minutes each day. You will notice your calluses becoming softer and smoother after 1-2 weeks. If your hands tend to be really dry, apply lotion through-out the day. It will help keep moisture in them and give them an added softness. Also when the weather starts to get colder, always wear gloves outside. It will help to keep them from drying out because of the wind, and lack of moisture in the air.


1) Cutting your toe nails. Nobody likes being up, close, and personal with gross feet, especially if you have really long toe nails. You should cut your toe nails every other week. When cutting your toe nails, make sure they are completely dry. Cutting them while wet, can cause ripping. Make sure you use a large set of clippers, they are made for cutting toe nails, and make sure that when you cut them, you do not cut past the white of your nail. It can cause you a lot of pain, and possible bleeding. 

2) Get a pedicure! Everybody is on their feet all day long. Being on your feet develops calluses, and roughness. Once a month you should treat yourself to a pedicure. They will scrub your feet and smooth out your calluses. It is very relaxing, and your feet will not only feel great after, but look great as well. If you do not want to go to a spa, then buy a pumas stone to use in the shower on a daily basis. When calluses are wet, they are easier to remove. Although smooth, soft feet are not common for most men, if you really care about the look of your feet you can soak them in warm water for 5-10 minutes, then use the pumas stone to file them. Apply lotion afterwards so they are soft to the touch. 

3) Stinky feet. Having smelly feet is definitely a big turn off. To attract the opposite sex, be sure to always wash your feet after you get home from work or the gym. And always put clean socks on, even if you just had them on for an hour or two. Your feet sweat all throughout the day, so if you feel like your feet are sweaty it may be time to change your socks.

I hope these tips help you to have great looking and feeling hands and feet, but remember to visit a spa or salon near you, and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at least once a month!


Keeping Your Man’s Hair Healthy & Devine

Most men have pretty short hair, and think just because it is short that they do not have to wash it as much, use conditioner or other hair products. To keep your hair looking and feeling great, follow these tips! You will surely notice a difference in your hair.

1) Shampooing your hair is essential to having healthy hair and scalp. When you are choosing a shampoo, look for one that removes DHT or dyhydotestosterone, and one that doesn’t leave a residue. DHT causes hair loss because it restricts blood flow to the hair follicles. So if you are noticing premature balding, then it may have something to do with your shampoo. If you are noticing flaking and itching of your scalp, you may have dandruff. Look for a medicated shampoo. It is made for dandruff, and will make your scalp less flaky and itchy. Once you have found the right shampoo, remember to only wash you hair once a day. The more you wash your hair the more it strips your hair of the natural oils it produces, which will dry out and damage your hair. And remember just because a shampoo smells good, does not mean you should use it. 

2). Conditioning your hair is great to do, even if you have very short hair. Condition your hair daily after you shampoo it. Conditioner moisturizes, strengthens, and repairs your hair  while leaving it soft to the touch. Never use conditioner in replace of shampoo. All it does is make your hair look greasier, and it does not actually remove any dirt for your hair. And after you get out of the shower, run a brush or comb threw your hair. It will keep it from getting knotted, and looking messy.

3) Products can be a great thing for your hair, as long as you use them properly. If you have problems with random sections of hair sticking up, use some hair spray on the area and gently comb it down. Keep the hair spray 6-8 inches from your head, so that way it isn’t really stiff in just one section of your head. You can use any type of products to style your hair such as gel or mousse, but remember a little goes along way. Use only quarter size amount for your whole head. Keep the products off of your hairline. It can cause unwanted breakouts. 

I also learned today that if you run out of shaving cream, you can use a thin layer of peanut butter instead. Hope you learned something new today as well! 



Face & Skin Care Tips For Men

Men do not always take care of their skin in the way that they should. They usually do not use products because it seems to feminine. Here are some short tips to improve the condition of your skin.

1) Keeping your skin healthy is one of the most important things you can do. If your skin tends to be dry and cracking, use a daily moisturizer. Look in the health and beauty section of your nearest grocery store, and find a daily moisturizer. Most of them do not have scents so you do not have to worry about smelling girly. Apply the moisturizer every morning or night to your face and neck. It will help prevent dryness, and keep you from getting any premature wrinkles. If you are noticing wrinkles around your eyes, apply an eye cream, using your ring finger so you do not make any more wrinkles, and apply on your eye lid, under eye, and around your eye. 

2) Most men wash their face and body with soap or body wash and water. Instead, try using a facial cleanser for your whole  body. You will notice less breakouts, and your skin will be much smoother. The cleanser will also give your skin a healthy appearance. 

3) If you tend to have oily skin, a great way to help reduce the oil is by using a toner. You can by them in a spray form that you gently mist onto your face from 6-8 inches away and let dry. Or you can by the liquid form, which you pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and gently dab on your entire face. It will keep your face clean all day, and the more you use it, the less oily your face will get. 

Try these tips to have nice, smooth, and breakout free skin, that your spouse will love! You can purchase these products at any beauty supply store, general store, or feel free to stop in and visit our salon so we can direct you to the right products. 


4 Things Men Might Not Know About Shaving

Thank you all for your kind words. They really make me enjoy writing this blog every week. 

I have decided that because I have been getting a lot of male readers, that I will change up my blog topics every week, so that one week is for females, and the other week is for males. So here are 4 things men might not know about shaving.

1) When men shave there face, they tend to get a terrible rash or breakouts afterwards. To prevent this use a daily moisturizer on your face. It will help to reduce the irritation and dryness of your skin. And if possible, by razors that have moisturizing strips on them to add extra moisturizer to your skin while you shave. You will see that your skin is much softer and smoother after.

2) The Ingrown Hairs. Ingrown hairs form from razor irritation against the skin. Ingrown hair s tend to look just like acne but do not pop them. It can cause more irritation to the skin. especially if the hair is not removed. To prevent ingrown hairs, shave in the direction of the hair growth instead of against it. It will help to not irritate your skin as much. Also, avoid using a dull razor blade. When you use a dull razor blade, it can cause irritation and you are more likely to cut yourself and bleed. It is best to use a new razor blade each time you shave and shave slowly.

3) If you rush through shaving, you are much more likely to miss a spot or two, as well as cut your self. Always double check your face after you are finished, to make sure you do not leave hair behind. Keep a razor in your car if you do, that way you can pick up any missed spots. After you have finished shaving, do not apply products that have a lot of alcohol in them. This can cause more irritation then not properly shaving. Your best bet is to use a little bit of baby powder to soothe the irritation, and before you leave wipe the powder off gently with a damp cloth. 

4) Managing your facial hair. If you have problems with your facial hair, like it grows in, in patches, or has weird colors to it, it may be best to just have a clean shaven face. It will be easier for you to maintain, and won’t look weird. If you notice your facial hair starting to become fuller and less patchy, then go for a beard. If you are going to have a beard, mustache, or goatee, before you trim it, apply conditioner to soften the hair, dry it off, then trim the hair. It will make the hair easier to comb through, and result in less pulling.

And men remember to take tweezers your eyebrows. There should be two of them not one. Just remove the hairs from the middle to keep you looking great. Thank you again for all the great comments!