4 Ways To Glam Up Your Eye Make-up

Eye make-up is one of the easiest things to change up, and make a statement with. There are countless different colors you can use and different techniques to apply them. Spring is almost here, so it is time to change up your eyes. Here are the four hot trends for spring.


  1. Cat Eyes.  The cat eye trend has been around since the 50’s. It is making a come back in a dramatic and casual way. Angelina Jolie has the less dramatic version of the cat eye. To do a cat eye, use a hand held mirror under your chin so you look down. Put a neutral eye shadow on your lids. Pull your eye taunt and apply from the inner to outer corners of your lid using a brush and black powder. Lightly flick up at the ends. Go over with a liquid eyeliner. Go over more times to increase the thickness and to make it more dramatic like Amy Winehouse. Either way, it is a quick and easy way to update your eyeliner.


2. Lashes. Fake lashes or eyelash extensions are great for any day and any occasion. You see them used on the runway and for photo shoots, but they can be done in a less dramatic fashion, and give you the appearance of naturally fuller, longer lashes. The most common and easiest form are band lashes. To apply, add a coat of mascara to your normal lashes. Trim the false lashes to fit onto your own. Apply a thin layer of lash glue. Let it sit for about 10 seconds. Attach to your lashes using tweezers, and push them up so they are attached at the base of your lashes. These will give you the look of longer fuller lashes, but you may be able to tell they are fake.  You can also use individual lashes. When applying individual lashes, start with longer lashes on the outer edge and work to small lashes on the inner portion of your lid. It will make them look much more natural. Apply a small amount of glue, and stick them to your natural lashes at the base, using tweezers. Move the lash so it is in place, and make sure it is fully secured. They usually last 2-3 days.


3.Blue Shadow. When most people think of blue eye shadow, they think of bright blue 80’s shadow, and it scares them. Blue shadow can be much more toned down, and elegant. If you are going for a smokey eye look, mix dark blue on the crease of your eye lid, and apply a dark grey on the eyelid. Use a white or light colored shadow to highlight underneath your brows. You can also do blue shadow like an eye liner. Pick the blue you want to use and do a thin line at your lashes on the top lid and underneath on your lower lid. 


4. Copper & Metallic. Copper and metallic are extremely in and can work with any skin tone. To make this look succeed, the key is in a smooth application. Apply the color in a smooth motion, and use a brush to apply a lighter form of the color you used underneath your eyebrow and right above the crease of your eye to highlight the color.. Apply a thin line underneath the bottom lashes to complete the look.


Try one of these spring eye trends, for a night out or even just for a daily look. You will see that it will make your eyes really pop, and dress up any outfit.




6 Ways To Change Up Your Lips!

Lipstick is becoming a big fashion statement. Women are using all sorts of different colors for there lips to make them stand out. There are no colors that some women won’t try to make an outfit come together or to add a pop of color. Here are 6 different lipstick trends that are sure to make a statement. 

1. Glossy Lips. Orange lips are more of a retro trend that is making it’s way back. You can make it even more trendy by adding a gloss over the orange lipstick. The gloss gives a more futuristic feel, to enhance the retro orange. This look can be great for day or night, and be sure to add extra gloss on the center of the bottom lip. It is were the light will catch the shine the most.

2. Pucker Lips. To get the look of fuller lips without actually getting injections, exfoliate around your lips. When you are exfoliating the rest of your face, be sure to do right around your lip lines. Then line your lips with lip liner that matches the lipstick you are planning to wear. (I recommend red) After you have applied your lipstick, use a thin line of highlighter around the upper lip. It will really enhance your lip color and give an appearance of fuller, beautiful lips.

3. Lip Cleavage. Lip cleavage is a big runway trend for 2013. It is used to add a dramatic edge to a daytime outfit. Use a lip liner and create a dramatic heart-shaped lip line that draws down to the corners of your mouth, ad trace the outline of your bottom lip as normal. Cover the rest of your lips with lipstick. To clean up any excess liner, use a lip brush dabbed in concealer. It will help finish off your perfect lip shape.   This is the finished look.

4. Fuchsia Lips. Fuchsia lips are not for the shy and timid. They are made to stand out and make a statement. With fuchsia lips, you start by outlining your lips with a liner, then add the lipstick. Use a lip brush to blend the liner into the lipstick so there are no harsh lines, and go over the lined part of your lips with a lip brush as well. It will smooth everything out so it all blends beautifully together.

5. Berry Lip Stain. A lip stain is achieved by using a lip pencil instead of a lipstick. Use a lip balm or chapstick to prep your lips before adding the pencil. It makes the lips easier to line and fill. Next pick a berry lip pencil and line your lips. Then fill in the rest of your lips using the pencil. To add fullness, add more color to the corners of your mouth. Finish off with a light lip gloss, just to add a touch of shine.

6. The Heart Art Lips. Another right off the runway, retro trend that is making its way back into style. This trend is created with bright, fun, lip colors. Use a lip liner to outline your lips. Use a lip brush and quick, short, strokes, use lipstick to create a heart in the center of your lips. Using your top lip as the top of the heart and bottom lip for the bottom of the heart. The bottom lip does not have to end perfectly like a heart does. Then use a lip brush to fill in around the heart with the same color that you used as a liner.  This is an example of the finished look. This trend is for people that are very fashion forward, and like to make a big statement.

These are six different lip trends that are right off the runway, retro, and just new in style for 2013. Give one a try and you never know, you may have a new look that you love to rock.


Finding Your Perfect Lipstick Match

Lip gloss who? Lipstick is back and in popular demand. All of the hottest celebs are wearing great shades for all different occasions. Shades from pinks to reds to nudes can be used to transfer a day time look into a night time look. Here are some great tips for picking the right lipstick for your skin tone, to match any occasion.

1. Pinks. Pink lipstick is great to show off a girly, sweet, fun side. It is really important to first choose a lipstick that covers well. Then know which shades to use to match your skin tone. For fair skin, use a lipstick that has a gloss to it and more of a light bubblegum color. For medium skin tones, try a rose color. It is a bit deeper but not bright. For darker skin tones go for more of a fuchsia. It will really pop against your skin tone.

2. Berries. Berry colored lipstick is more of a dramatic look, that can be used to dress up a casual outfit. It is really important to know the right shades, because if you use the wrong color, it can end up making you look washed out and drained. For fairer skin, go for a raspberry color. It will have a hint of brightness, and still give a dramatic effect. For medium skin tones, go for a blackberry color, that has a sheer effect. The sheer effect will help to tone down the darkness, and highlight your skin. And for darker skin tones, go with a plum color.

3) Reds. Everyone loves a great red lip, but some reds aren’t for everyone. To fully pull off the red lips, you have to have confidence, a great color, and smooth application. A ruby red with an opaque look is great for fair skin. An orange-red is great for a medium skin tone because it really enhances a natural tan. And a brown based red, like a brick red, is great for enhancing a dark skin tone.

4) Nudes. A nude color can be great to tone down a look, or for a more simple appearance. Picking the right shade can be hard, because if it is too light it makes your mouth disappear, but if it is to dark, it doesn’t give off the nude look. For lighter skin tones, you need a nude that has a pink base. It give a natural feel to your lips, and the pink base will highlight your face. For a medium skin tone, find a nude with a peach base. The peach will go well with a tan, and still look natural. For darker skin, a honey or caramel color works best. They have some color to it, but not enough to over power.

If your looking for something completely different and very in, try a poppy lip. The poppy lip is a combination of red, orange, and pink that is perfectly balanced. Use it to add a pop of color to any outfit.Try these different lipstick ideas out, and experiment to see which look fits you best. Maybe you will like all three!


Make-up To Match Any Hair Color!!!!

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone. Your comments are truly wonderful, and your support has really made our blog grow so much. It is a pleasure to write this every week. Today’s topic is finding make-up colors to match your hair color. If you recently changed your hair color and aren’t sure if the make-up your using goes well, we will reassure you what colors will look best with your new look.

1.Dark Brown. For women with dark brown hair, bolder colors tend to really bring out your natural features and enhance your hair color. For eye shadows, try metallic colors, plums and burgundy. When applying your make-up, use metallic colors on your eyelids paired with a black liner and a few coats of black mascara. It will really bring out your eyes and make them pop. On your cheeks, use a bronzer with a bit of gold into it. It will give your skin a nice glow, and add color to your face. And lastly on your lips go with rich reds, or burgundy’s to really bring out your hair color. Add a lip gloss over top for that extra shine.

2.Black. For women with black hair, it is best to go with a more dramatic eye, and keep the rest of your face more natural. On your eyes, use gray and navy to create a smokey eye. Line your eyelids with a charcoal gray liner on top and bottom, then lightly put a navy shadow over it. It will really make your eye color stand out. Finish your eyes with a black mascara. On your cheeks, use a light pink blush, just to add a bit of color. On your lips, use a very light pink gloss. It will add color, but not to much so that way people keep there focus on your eyes and hair.

3.Blondes. Having blonde hair, gives you a warmer all around look. To play that up, keep with the natural shades all around. On your eyes, use light browns on your lids and right under your lower lashes. Use a brown eyeliner on your top lashes, and black mascara. The brown eyeliner will really bring out the colors in the shadow, as well as the color of your eyes.  For your cheeks, add a bit of color with a peachy-pink blush. And finish your look off with a warm peach or pink lip gloss that has lots of shine. It really ties the whole look together.

4.Red. Red hair is hard to enhance without going overboard. On your eyes, use a green shadow. Try to stick with medium to dark greens, like moss or forest greens. Add a reddish-brown liner on top lashes. It tones down the green just slightly to give it a beautiful look. On your cheeks, use a rosy color. It gives your that natural blush look, without making your face look red. And on your lips, nudes or pinks with hints of brown. It gives you a splash of color without doing too much.

5.Medium Brown. With medium brown hair, you can pretty much use any color pallet you would like. On your eyes, I would go with a mix of beige and grays, while using a blue liner on the top lashes. Use a medium pink blush to add radiance to your skin. Finish with a berry hue. It will give your lips a sexy look, and really makes your lips stand out against your hair.

Don’t be afraid to change up your hair color. With these make-up tips, your will have beautiful make-up to match your already beautiful hair. 


More Make-up Tips To Keep You Looking Younger!

On Tuesday we gave you 5 tips on how to make you look younger by changing up your make-up some. Today we are going to give you 5 more tips, and you should then have the complete younger look!

1. Switch to a Gel Liner. As you get older, using eyeliner can be a great way to make your eyes POP. Pencil liners tend to smudge, which can enhance fine lines and wrinkles. Liquid liner can tend to look very thick and over done. For a simple look, use a gel liner, which creates a nice line, without smudging. To change it up a little try the cat eye effect. Just apply your liner on the top lid, and add a small flick up at the end of your eye lid.

2. Use an Eyelash Curler. As you get older, your eyelashes can become thinner. Applying many coats of mascara, can give you clumpy, unappealing lashes. Apply one thin coat of mascara, and use a lash curler on your lashes. Apply another thin coat of mascara on the top lashes only. It will make your lashes appear longer, and your eyes brighter. Also try a volumizing mascara for an extra boost. 

3. Fill in your Brows. If your eyebrows are starting to become a lighter color, and less full looking, try lightly filling them in. Outline the shape of your brows, and going from the middle, go fuller to lighter while gently filling in with a brush. It will give you an instant eye lift, and give you more defined eyebrows. Make sure to use a color that is close to your natural eyebrow color, and only up to a shade darker. You want to make sure it looks natural and not drawn on. Another option is getting your eyebrows tinted. It lasts for over a month, and gives you nice natural brows.

4. Stay away from Dark Lip Color. Dark lipstick can make you look older, and bring out fine lines on your face. It will make your lips appear thinner. Go for a more natural color choice, like a light pink, with a gloss over it. The gloss will give the effect of fuller lips, and add an extra shine.

5. Invest in a Nude Liner. A nude liner is used by professionals to keep eye make-up as well as lipstick from running. Use it to line the inner corners of your eyes as well as the lower eye rim. Or line your lips with it before applying lipstick. It will make your eyes look more awake, and give long lasting make-up that stays put. 


For all those lady’s out there, you are beautiful at any age, but if you think you want to take a few years off, try these tips. It will make you look younger and bring back that killer confidence. 


Make-up Tips To Have You Looking Younger Than EVER!

Every women is always worried about aging. And they are wondering why they cannot age like the stars. Well, you can if you use the proper make-up techniques. Here are 5 ways you can apply your make-up to make your-self look younger, and better than ever.

1. Lighten up your Foundation. When you use a dry or heavy foundation, it can exaggerate your wrinkles. Avoid using matte foundations. Look for a foundation that has moisturizer in it, subtle coverage (if you have age spots), and has a light- reflecting pigments. It will add that natural glow, which is common in younger women. When applying your foundation, be sure to blend it in down your neck, and even into your chest. It will give a much more even coverage.

2. Use a serious Concealer for Dark Circles. Using a small amount of concealer might seem to do the trick, but after a few hours the dark circles will begin to show threw. As you begin to age, your eye area becomes thinner and more hollowed, which can make it harder to hide shadows. Apply a thick concealer in the inner corners then dot it all across your eye hollow. Blend well.

3. Learn a Contouring Trick. Bronzer isn’t just for keeping up that beautiful tan in the colder months, it is used by professionals to downplay on saggy cheeks, jowls, and necks. When you look for a good bronzer, make sure it has a matte finish, and that is not orange. Apply the bronzer in a sweeping motion, under your cheekbones, chin and along the jawline. IT provides an instant visual of a nip and tuck. After apply a soft powder to prevent the bronzer from looking striped, and making it well blended. This is the best way to give yourself a tan without aging your skin.

4. Switch to a Cream Blush. After you hit 40, your skin becomes duller and flatter than in its more youthful days. Using a powdered blush will only bring out the dullness. Using a cream blush, will add a youthful appearance to dry, mature skin, by never settling into fine lines. When applying, do not apply straight across your cheeks. It will give you a dated look, and make you appear even older. Instead, apply to the apples of your cheeks, and blend into your hairline. It will keep you looking young and fresh faced.

5. Give your Lids a Lift. Many things begin to sag and drop with age, including your eyelids. An easy way to help your eyes look less saggy is by using eye shadow. Pick an eye shadow in a cream, peach, beige, or light gold tone. It will give the illusion that you had an eye lift. Make sure you use a matte color, because anything with a shimmer can make lines that criss-cross, which will just make your eyes look worse.


Try these simple make-up tips. They will leave people guessing your age, and never believing it when you tell them. Thanks for reading!


3 More Easy Make-up Saving Fixes

In the last post about make-up saving fixes, we told you how to fix clumpy mascara, cakey foundation, and chipped polish. Today we are going to help you out even more by telling you how to fix an oily t-zone, smudged eyeliner, and runny lipstick. After these tips you will no longer have to throw away your favorite make-up.

1. Oily T-zone. When you have a oily t-zone, you can use a large powder brush to apply powder as needed to absorb oil. It will keep your make-up looking great, while getting rid of the excess oil on your face. If your face is prone to becoming oily, try use an oil free moisturizer, and try using a once a week oatmeal scrub. It is great for exfoliating your skin, and it helps to decrease the oil.

2. Smudged Eyeliner. Not everyone loves to rock the smudged eyeliner look. If you do just evenly smudge both eyes with a make-up sponge. If you do not want the smudged eyeliner look, take a cotton swab to blot and lift way the streaks the best you can. You can prevent the smudged eyeliner look by staying away from heavy moisturizers around your eyes, and use a gel-based liner. They go on much smoother than liquid eyeliner, and do not run. Also try using eyeliner just on the top lid.

3. Mussed/Runny Lipstick. Lipstick that doesn’t stay in place is not a good look for anyone. To clean up runny lipstick, dip one end of a cotton swab in make-up remover and wipe off the area. Use the other side of the cotton swab to remove any access remover. Use a small dab of concealer to cover up any left over discoloration. To prevent lipstick bleeding, use a clear of color close to your lipstick as a liner. Or you can use a matte lipstick. They have fewer moisturizers, so it is less likely to bleed. To add shine, just use a simple lip gloss.

I hope this simple make-up fixes give you beautiful, long lasting make-up. Come back to see our next blog post.

~ aphrodite 

3 Easy Make-up Saving Fixes

Everyone has a morning beauty routine that can be mastered, but what happens when you come across an unexpected make-up problem? If your make-up is starting to go bad, instead of throwing it away and running to the store, try these tips to help make your make-up last longer.

1. Problem- Clumpy Mascara. Anytime you have clumpy mascara you think, its time to get a new one, well now you you can wait a few more weeks to get that new mascara. To get rid of the clumps, run the brush over a microfiber cloth until the brush is clean. When you apply the mascara, put the wand at the base of the lashes, and twirl up as you separate the lashes. You can prevent clumps by swirling the wand as you remove it from the tube, to keep from getting mascara on the wand. Then wipe the access mascara on the top of the tube, as you finish pulling it out. You should replace your mascara every three months.

2. Problem- Cakey Foundation.  If your foundation is drying out and you don’t have time to buy a new one, apply a dab of lotion on your hand and apply to dry areas to smooth it out. You can prevent cakey foundation by using a make-up primer before your foundation, or you can skip the foundation and just use a concealer on the areas needed. You can change your foundation at anytime. 

3. Problem- Chipped Polish. If you get a manicure, and the next day you notice a chip, instead of removing the polish, put a dab or polish on the chipped spot. Once the polish dries, seal it with a top coat. The top coat will smooth out any unevenness you may have, and give it an extra shine. To keep polish from chipping wear gloves while cleaning, try typing with the pads of your fingers, and file your nails round. If your nails are more pointed, there more able to chip. Also if you have problems with your nail polish becoming to clumpy, add a few drops of nail polish remover and gently shake polish. It will help extend the use of the polish, but does not always work. If it does not work, then its time to throw the polish away. Some polishes can last years, while others only last a year.

I hope these tips helped you, stay tuned for more easy make-up saving fixes.


Make-Up Tips & Fall Trends

The key to having great make-up, is using great products, and the right colors. You should use colors that match your eye color, and skin tone. These tips are made to help you switch from the perfect summer look to the perfect fall look. From the lips, to the foundation, to the eyes, you will have all the advice you will need to give you that just stepped out of a magazine look.

1. Foundation. When switching up your make-up from summer to fall, be sure to change up your foundation to one that is going to give you the moisture and glow you are looking for. Try a liquid or cream foundation such as Be’s Whipped Souffle Foundation. Apply evenly to the areas that need it most such as eyes, nose, and chin. And apply a lose powder after foundation.

2. Bronzer.While summer might come to an end, your use of bronzer doesn’t. If you really love your bronzer, try switching up the application. Use it to contour your face, instead of on your cheeks and nose. Try a lighter bronzer such as Smashbox’s Halo Hydrating Perfecting Bronzer. It will enhance your skins natural glow, without over whelming. 

3. Lips. Deep Lips are in! Use a dark lip liner and a matching dark lipstick, then put a light color or gloss over it. It will make your lips look fuller and more desirable. Try Be’s Oh So Red Lipstick with matching red liner. You can also use Be’s Maple Sugar lip gloss, for the finishing touch.

4.Eyes. Everyone has the certain type of eye look they go for. It can be natural, dramatic, or even playful. Here as some tips to master the look you are going for. Natural. You can enhance the browns by adding a shimmer. It makes your eyes look bright and more awake. You can also mix gray with green, brown, or black to amp up the natural look without going to over board. Dramatic. Tone down the black and gray smokey eye by using dark browns. It will give you the same smokey effect with out being over done. Also metallic colors are in! So you can use gray metallic eye shadow or a colored eye shadow with a metallic base. You can also mix it with blues, greens, and purples to give that stand out look. Playful. You like to use bright and fun colors, well you can but in a more toned down approach. Instead of using bright blues and purples, try for more of the pastel colors. You will still have the playful approach, with out being too over done. 


I hope you liked our fall make-up tips, and look out for our next post.

And always remember, LESS IS MORE.