Tips To Getting A Better Nights Sleep

We all have those nights where you are tossing and turning all night long so it seems like you slept for maybe a total of 2 hours. This is fine if it happens every once in a while but when it starts to become a reacquiring thing, it might be time to reevaluate some things. Here are some tips on things you can do to help get a better nights sleep.

1. Get On A Schedule.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to go to bed and wake up at exactly the same time every day but get close. Start by going to bed at the time you normally start to feel tired at. This will start you on a normal time to fall asleep at. When you wake up in the morning, if it is on your own terms (no sudden awakenings) then this is your body’s way of saying you have had enough rest. If you wake up from your alarm clock and you still feel tried and groggy, you may want to set an earlier bed time. Also, if you tend to take naps, limit them to 20 minutes or less. It will make falling asleep easier rather than harder.

2. Controlling Light Exposure. 

You want to get as much light exposure during the day and the least amount at night. This helps to keep your days and nights separate. During the day, enjoy the natural sunlight as much as possible. Whether it is going for walks, opening curtains or just going for a drive to help make you feel more alert. During the night, limit your lighting. When its time for bed, eliminate any light you can, it makes your brain think its time to sleep then.

3. Exercise Regularly.

People who exercise regularly will have a higher metabolism and more energy throughout the day. Any amount of exercise will help, but it takes time for you to see results. It is better to exercise in the morning or afternoon because your body takes time to calm down after an exercise. It is best to exercise 3 hours or early before you plan on going to bed. 

4. Eating & Drinking Right.

Eating and drinking right before bed can keep you up at night. Avoid eating anything heavy for 2 hours before you plan on going to sleep. You should also try cutting down on caffeine, not drinking alcohol before bed, and avoid drinking too many liquids before bed. It will make you have to get up more in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Some good snacks to have before bed that will help you sleep are turkey, bananas, granola with milk or yogurt, and whole grain or low sugar cereal.

5.  Get Massages.

Massages not only relax your muscles and mind but they promote overall health for your body. By getting a massage once a month, you will relieve any stress and tension that you place onto your body which makes it harder to relax. It will help to relax and clear your head so there are less thoughts to keep you up at night. After a massage, your body will be more energized and clear so you will be able to accomplish more. You can visit us at Aphrodite Spa & Salon to start receiving massages.

Try out some of these tips to help get your sleep back to where it needs to be. It won’t happen right away and you may need some extra help but it is more a shot.



How To Create The Perfect Date Night Look

Everyone is always nervous about what to wear, how to do there make-up, and how to wear there hair for a first date or important date. There is no need to stress about it. Here are some easy tips on how to wear your hair, your make-up, what perfume scents are best, and what you should always keep on you (in case of an emergency!)



You want to look pretty, attractive, but not overly done. Think about where you are going for the date. Most likely some place with dimer lighting, so do not over do the skin make-up. Skip bronzer and use a light foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturizer. Be sure that it matches your skin tone, you don’t want to have your neck one color and face another color. Apply a light amount, enough to cover your whole face without layering it on. Next is blush. Use a cream blush for the best application and longer lasting results.Powder blush easily comes off when you wipe your face with a napkin. If you have darker skin, go for something with a red tone in it. For lighter skin, go for a light rose colored blush. It adds a pop of color to the cheeks without making your whole face look pink or red.


For your eyes keep it more simple. Do a more relaxed smokey eye. For lighter skin, use a brown liner to first define your upper lashes. For darker skin, use black or dark grey. Lightly smudge the liner before applying a grey eye shadow. Finish your eyes with your favorite mascara that really makes your lashes look fuller and longer.


For your lips, keep it natural and simple. First line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner that is the same shade or slightly darker then your natural lip color. The lip liner will act as a base to allow the lipstick to last longer and not run. *(Always use a lip liner before applying lipstick It defines the shape of your lips and keeps it from running or smearing as easily.) Follow with a glossy lipstick or gloss of the same shade. The shine will make your lips look fuller and irresistible.




The three things for great date night hair is that you want it to shine, look great and be soft. A messy look is a good look to go for. It makes you seem playful but well put together. Try a messy bun. It is quick and easy and can make your look more fun. Another great idea is do a lose braid into a ponytail, bun or just in front. You can do a rope braid, or french braid. Braids are cute and can make a look playful  but sophisticated. There is also nothing wrong with having a great blow-out. It is a very classy look.




Wearing the right perfume can set off good vibes for another date, while wearing the wrong perfume can be a complete turnoff. Do not wear anything to strong. Strong perfumes can turn guys away quickly, and they may be sensitive to certain smells. Also do not spray too much. You do not want it to cover your whole body. Add a spray behind each ear, on your wrist, (rub together) and behind your knees. It is just enough so whenever you move, he can get a bit of your scent. The spray behind each knee, allows the scent to travel up as it evaporates, keeping your perfume lasting longer. Stay away from citrus and  fruity scents. Stick to a classic scent that makes you feel sexy and confident. Wait 30 minutes before your date arrives to apply your perfume. It allows the perfume to really soak into your body. Also after you spray, wait a few minutes before getting dressed. If you spray it on your clothes, they may stain.



You should always keep a few emergency items in your purse besides the usual pain killers, tampons/pads, and your make-up for easy touch ups. You should keep a mini bottle of your perfume just in case you need an extra spritz. Blotting sheets to absorb any excess oil on your skin, it works better then powder. A mirror, or a phone case that has a built in mirror for easy touch ups. Also create a little emergency kit to take with you anywhere. Have it include deodorant, deodorant wipes, a stain remover, hair spray, nail files, gum or mints, and the rest of the stuff we have listed. It will keep you prepared for all situations.



These are some tips and things you can do to help your date go great, even if there are a few small problems along the way. We hope that you have a great first date and many more to come!




Why You Should Try Sugaring.

In the world there are two forms of hair removal methods; temporary and permanent. Each has advantages and disadvantages. There is a newer method of hair removal called sugaring. I am going to talk to you about the different forms of hair removal and why you should try sugaring.

Temporary Hair Removal. Temporary hair removal is done by either depilation or epilation. Depilation is the removal of hair above the skin and epiliation is the process of damaging skin cells deep into the skin. 

Shaving: Shaving is one of the best known and most popular form of temporary hair removal. There are many different types of shaving equipment. You can use disposable, or reusable razors, and they have different razors for men and women. Shaving is cheap and easy form of temporary hair removal. Shaving can cause razor burns, bumps, bleeding and ingrown hairs, and the results only last for a few days.

Depilatory Creams: Depilatory creams such as Nair, are creams that you rub onto a area of hair, and let it sit for 5-10 mins, and wipe away with a damp cloth. You have smooth skin for about a week. It sounds fine, but it is made of harmful chemicals that burn the hair off. If you have any cuts, or have sensitive skin, you can get very bad chemical burns. 

Threading: Threading is a common Middle Eastern form of hair removal. It can be seen and done in malls all over the world. They use thread that is looped around the hair, and moved in quick motions to remove the hair. It looks like a effective way of removing hair, but all threading does is cut the hair at the follicle. It is actually very similar to shaving. If done wrong, threading can cause bacterial infections, redness, and irritation to the threaded area. It can also be very painful.

Waxing: Waxing is the best form of temporary hair removal. It removes hair from the follicle for an average of 4-6 weeks. The hair has to be at least half an inch long for waxing to fully remove the hair. It is quickly done. Waxing can have many side effects though. It can cause stinging, bleeding, ingrown hairs, bumps, redness, burning or tearing of the skin.

Permanent Hair Removal Permanent hair removal is the act of completely removing the hair from an area of skin. It can be done through electrolysis, and sugaring. Permanent hair removal is done in many sessions, and it prolongs the hair growth, so it gets thinner, and thinner after each session, to the point where is doesn’t grow back at all.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a laser hair removal method. Light is directed at the hair and absorbed by dark pigment, which results in the destruction of the hair follicle.This method is sometimes permanent after many session. Laser hair removal is done in a number of sessions, which is very expensive and very painful to get done. Many places charge at least a couple hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars per a session. 

Sugaring: Sugaring is a more relaxing alternative to hair removal than waxing. Sugaring can cause some redness, or irritation, but side effects are very minimal and are gone by the end of the day. Sugaring allows clients to have soft skin for weeks, as the all natural paste exfoliates as it removes unwanted hair. Along wit the fact that the unwanted hair has been removed and stays off much longer than that of waxing or shaving, you also have baby-soft skin. No stubble or growth for weeks! In fact, frequent sugaring can actually become permanent. You should have sugaring done every 4-6 weeks. After a few sessions, the hair will grow back slower and thinner, so your time in between sessions, becomes more and more. 


If you are ready for soft, hair-free skin, then sugaring is the solution for you! Come and try sugaring today. You won’t regret it.




3 Of The Hottest Current Beauty Trends

Beauty trends come and go as quickly as the days of the week. It can be hard to keep up on what is in currently in hair, make-up, nails, and skin care. These are some of the current trends beauty trends that everyone is talking about.

1. Metallic eyes. Metallic eyes is one of the biggest trends of 2013, and they are trends that everyone can pull off. For eyes, bronze, copper, and platinum are the colors you want to work with. To pull off the metallic eyes, be sure to use a small amount of eyeliner, and one or two coat of mascara, and keep the rest of your make-up simple. If you have brown or hazel eyes, stay towards the coppers, browns and golds. Earth tones will enhance your eyes, and not take away from them. For blue or gray eyes, go with something that has blue undertones and stay with the silvers and platinum’s. They will make your eyes appear bluer, or grayer and it will really catch peoples attention. And for green eyes, you can use any form of these metallic’s that you would like. They will all enhance your eyes, but do not go over-board with the amount that you put on.  

2. Orange Lips. The orange lip is a retro trend that is making a comeback in a big way. To pick the right orange for your lips, break the oranges up into 3 categories, light, medium, and dark. Now the lighter your skin tone, the darker the shade you can go with. You can always go a little lighter, if you do not think the color you picked suits you. To finish off the look, use minimal eye shadow, apply lots of mascara, and eyeliner if you wear it. Also add a bit of bronzer to your cheeks to balance out the look. The orange is what you are using as the statement, so do not go overboard with the rest of your make-up.

3. Barely There Make-up. The barely there make-up trend is wearing very natural looking make-up so that to the eye, it looks like you are not wearing any. Start out by using a foundation that matches your skin tone, and make sure it is evenly applied. Use a light amount of blush, to add the natural pink tone into your cheeks. Apply a thin coat of mascara, and finish with a tinted lip balm that matches you lip color or is slightly darker. This is a look that is guaranteed to leave people guessing, does she naturally look like that.

These the beauty trends are in such high demand. They can be seen on the red carpet, on the runway, and for an everyday look. They are easy to do and can be pulled off by anyone. Try one or all of these trends to see if they work for you. Stay beautiful!


Natural Products To Use Everyday

All natural products are some of the easiest ways to get great beauty results. You can fill your skin and body with key vitamins and antioxidants. You can also use some of it to enhance your hair as well. Using all natural herbs are also a great way to heal your body. Try adding these few things into your everyday life and see a difference.

1) Apples. Apples are a great fruit, that can be added into just about anything. They are not only good for your body, but they also have a compound in them called malic acid. Malic acid loosens dead skin cells off of your body, and unclogs pores.

2) Cranberries. Cranberries can be great to help prevent and get rid of bladder infections. Since they have high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, cranberries in return help produce new skin cells and fight off damage from harsh weather conditions.

3) Spices. Spices like nutmeg, ginger, and lavender are great to be used in cooking, but there also great for your skin. They increase circulation to the skin and help to give it a natural glow. Ginger is also great if you have an upset stomach. Take 1 gram of ginger powder to help eliminate nausea and vomiting. 

4) Pumpkins. Pumpkins can be great to eat in pumpkin pie, but the also have vitamin a and tons of powerful enzymes. These enzymes can help to remove dead skin cells, and brighten your skin. It also softens your skin.

5)  Red Pepper and Turmeric. Red pepper and turmeric are all used to relieve pain. Red pepper is spicy, and used on the skin for pain relief. You rub it on the area that hurts, it may cause a mild burning, but is goes deep into the tissue to sooth the pain. Turmeric is a plant that is used for anti-inflammatory purposes. Mix a pinch into anything you are making, and it can help ease your pain.

6) Lemon Juice. Lemon juice is not only used for cooking, but can be great for your hair. Mix a cup of lemon juice with water and wash your hair with it. It gets rid of excess dirt and oil. It also gives it an added shine.

If you have burns, rub aloe straight from the plant on it. It will ease the pain of the burn and help reduce the swelling.

Try eating or adding any of these ingredients into your everyday life. They will help enhance the look of your skin, hair and your over all body. 


More Tips & Tricks For When Your On The Go!

This are more tips and tricks for when your always on the go. From easy hair styling tricks to easy make-up tricks to what to keep on you for a daily use. After these tips, you will be apply to go any where at any time.


1) The T-Zone Blow-dry. The t-zone blow-dry is a quick way to style your hair without having to style the whole head. The t-zone is from behind your ears forward, and the top of your head. First, apply product to your hair to help it dry quicker and smoother, such as Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny. Then rough dry your head with the blow dryer on high heat for about 5-10 mins, then run a brush through it. Section out the front of your hair and top section. Use a round brush and blow-dry these sections as desired. The t-zone blow-dry the top and front of your hair is styled, so it will give you a polished look.

2) Fix Flat Hair. If your hair constantly falls flat, next time condition your hair first, then shampoo it. The conditioner will give your hair the moisture it needs, and by shampooing it after it will keep your hair from becoming weighed down. If your hair is flatter by the next morning, flip your head upside down and blow-dry your hair on cool. When you flip your head back over, it will give you more volume. Spray lightly with hair spray to help hold.

3) Fix Frizzy Hair. If you have curly hair that tends to get frizzy after it dries or anytime you try to brush it try this trick. Use a squirt bottle and fill it with water. Lightly spray your hair. Take a nickel to quarter size amount of lotion and rub it in both hands. Apply on your hair (without touching the scalp) starting at the top and go in a downward motion. Then rub your ends in between your hands. The lotion will help to reduce frizz and give your hair a nice scent from what ever lotion you chose. 


1) Refresh your make-up. Every morning you go through your daily make-up routine. Concealer, foundation, and cover-up are all part of this routine. Usually about half-way through the day you notice that you need a touch-up, but instead of applying more and more product, you can use a different technique to refresh your make-up. Dab your brush in a little bit of water and re-blend your make-up. It will have it looking fresher, and not dried out. 

2) Lips & Cheeks Matching. If you are in a crunch for time and do not have any blush, you can use your lipstick as blush. Apply your lipstick as you normally would, and if it is shade of pink, you can apply a dab on each cheek. Blend in with your fingers like you would with a blush brush. It instantly adds color to your cheeks, and nobody will know that you used lipstick instead of blush.


If your skin tends to get oily through-out the day, keep a stash of paper towel in your purse, desk or pocket. Take one out and gently pad your forehead, nose and chin to absorb oil. Do not rub your skin because it will remove your make-up, making it look smeared. 


Using these tips will help you look polished, even if you only took a few minutes to get ready. And keep you looking great all day long. Thank you for all your kind words and support.


Tips & Tricks To Fix You Up, When You Are Always On The Go!

Everyone has one of those day’s were you just don’t have time for that morning routine. Well, instead of going out in sweats, yesterday’s make-up, and that slept on hair, try some of these tips. It will give you a fresher appearance, no matter what your wearing or were your going.


1) Dry Shampoo. Dry Shampoo is the best invention ever! If you are in a rush and do not have time to wash your hair, spray dry shampoo from about 8-10 inches from your scalp on the roots. Wait two minutes, then brush threw your hair. It will eat up an access oil and leave your hair styled as desired.

2) Natural Hair. If you are tired of blow-drying your hair after washing it, why not go natural?  Add a drop of Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny in your hands, rub together and apply over the mid shaft (middle of hair) to the ends. It helps your hair to dry quicker, and makes it easier to brush. If you have curly hair, add mouse and scrunch your hair for nice curls.

3) EXTREME Side Part. Tired of your everyday part? Want to change up your hair without being to drastic? Try the extreme side part. If you already part your hair to one side of your head, move the current part over 1- 2 inches. If you part your hair down the middle, move your part either right or left 2 1/2-3 1/2 inches.  It will give you a different look, and add volume to the top of your head.


1) Lip Balm. If your in a hurry and need to apply something to your lips, try a lip balm. It is great for adding a moisture to dry lips and gives you an added shine. You can also buy colored lip balm if wanted. Keep it on you and apply it multiple times a day for long lasting shine.

2) Tinted Moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer is great if you do not have time to apply foundation, blush or bronzer. Find a tinted moisturizer like Dermologica’s Sheer Tint Moisture in your shade and apply. It has an SPF of 15 in it to protect against harmful rays, a tint of color to have you looking radiant, and the moisturizer you need to keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky. It works for all skin types, and will give you an long lasting glow.

3) Eyelash Curler. To really bring out your eyes, apply a coat of mascara then use an eyelash curler on your top lashes. By doing so your lashes will curl upwards making you appear more awake. It helps to take away from eye creases, while giving your eyes a youthful appearance. If you have short lashes, it will also make them appear longer.

Next time you are in a hurry, try these simple hair and make-up tricks to give you that little fix-up before you leave. 

*Added Tip. Apply hydrocrotisone cream over razor burn to help minimize it, and reduce itching.