Best Polish Colors For Summer

Nail polish colors are sometimes hard to choose from. There are so many different colors to choose from and it is hard to pick what color will look best on you. I will tell you the most popular nail trends for this summer and which shade to wear for your own skin tone.

The hot nail polish color trends for the summer are coral, metallic, neon’s and blues, but not every shade of each color looks good for all skin tones. For each skin tone, I will direct you to the color that will look and compliment your skin the most.

Fair Skin

Coral Polish. For women with light to fair skin, a darker coral will be too much. Go for a lighter shade of coral, like a sweet blush color. It is a lighter coral with orange tones. It will enhance your skin tone, instead of over powering it.

Metallic. Metallic polish on lighter skin can be very hard to pull off. If you have a bold look, it goes great but with the right color. Try for a rose gold shade of polish. It is a pink nail polish, with a gold tone to it. Make sure the polish is very shiny, and not too dark. It will give your skin tone a little added color.

Neon. Neon colors are great to add a pop of color, to a black, white or gray outfit. The best neon color for fair skin is a fuchsia. It is a darker but bright shade of pink. Some fuchsia’s even have a hint of purple to them. Every polish line has a fuchsia color.

Blue. Blue nail polish is not something everyone is a fan of. Some people stick to pinks, reds and more natural looking colors, while others like to go for something different. Blue nail polish can be a hard color to pull off, but the best for fair skin is a bright sky blue. The blue is the color of the sky, but with a bright factor to it, instead of the more toned down blue that the sky is.

Olive Skin

Coral. Coral nail polish is a great color for darker skin tones. For olive skin, a melon shade of coral is the best. Melon is the closest standard shade of coral. It is a bit lighter, with an orange tint to it.

Metallic. The best shade of metallic for olive skin is a glittery silver. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose which glitter you like best. There are chunky and thin silver glitters, also silver polish with glitter in it. You can also add the silver glitter over another color, for an added effect.


Neon. Bright colors look great on tanned skin. Try an electric lime green against olive skin. You can use a lighter or darker shade of lime green depending on what you like better. It will really make a statement.

Blue. Blue nail polish looks great with a blue outfit. If your outfit is dark blue, wearing a lighter blue, like an aquamarine, will be a great complimenting color. Aquamarine is a blue with green hues in it. You can have it shiny or more of a matte color.

Bronze Skin

Coral. For bronze skin, you can go with a sparkly coral pink. It is like the normal shade of coral but with added glitter, for some extra sparkle. You can put a coat of coral on, and then put a coat of a glitter polish over it.

Metallic. To compliment your skin tone, and still get the metallic color, try a copper color. Especially one with a shimmer effect. It will make your skin look brighter and more refreshed.

Neon. For a great neon, that will make you look tanner, try a bright orange. You can choose from an orange with a red tint, or a normal orange shade. Make sure it stays nice and bright. The brighter the color, then better it will look with your skin.

Blue. A great blue for you is a midnight blue. The dark color will look great with a lighter blue out fit. If you want to add a little extra, put a dark blue glitter over it.

Deep Skin

Coral. Any shade of coral would look great on darker skin, but if you want something that you will like, try a salmon coral. This color is more relaxed and a pretty pink. It looks great with anything.

Metallic. Doing dark colors, against dark skin sometimes makes your skin look duller. Try a lighter metallic gold polish. It will compliment any black or brown outfit, and make your skin shine.


Neon. All neon colors will make your skin pop. To try something different, use a yellow. It really pops against dark colors.

Blue. For a great blue, go for something rich like a cobalt blue. A dark blue that has a brightness to it looks great with any light colored outfit. 

The color of August is mint green. It is a great light color that can be used for an added pop of color or to tone down any outfit. These are all the nail color trends for this summer. Try one out today, and get a great manicure.


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