Aphrodite’s Essential Oil

Using oil on a daily basis has many benefits for your body. Natural oil is good for your hair, skin, and nails. Aphrodite’s Essential oil is the perfect thing to use to help improve the overall look, feel and health of your body.

Aphrodite’s Essential oil is a unique formulation of all natural oils. It is made up of 13 different types of oil, that work together for an amazing health and beauty treatment.

Hair Benefits

Apply the oil to your hair about 1 hour before shampooing to help detangle and smooth down your hair. Use a quarter-sized amount on a daily basis. It helps to keep your hair and scalp from drying out, along with eliminating frizz, increasing elasticity, while adding a great shine. It also helps your hair grow beautifully, healthy, and strong. 

Skin Benefits

When used on the skin, Aphrodite’s oil has great restorative, nourishing, and revitalizing effects. After you shower, mix  the oil with your lotion and apply on your arms, legs, and any other places you have dry skin. The oil soaks in to help relieve the dryness. You can add a small amount in with your moisturizer for softer skin. It is even gentle enough to remove your eye make-up.

Nail Benefits

Aphrodite oil deeply penetrates the skin to insure healthier skin around the nails. Using the oil keeps cuticles soft, which helps them from becoming damaged. When used daily, it can help to restore moisture into dry cuticles and help brittle nails resume there natural strength. 

Come in today and experience all the benefits of Aphrodite’s Essential Oil. We use it in every service, and you can even purchase some to use at home. We hope you have smooth skin, beautiful nails, and healthier hair.


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