Anti-Aging Make-up Tricks

No matter how much you try, your skin and body ages every year. As you get older, your lips, lashes and eyebrows naturally get lighter, which causes a contrast in the colors of your skin. By adding dark colors on your eyes and lips, it can create more of a contrast which will make you look even older. Here are some simple make-up tricks to make you look younger.

Start with a creamy foundation, that matches your skin tone. You can use your lower cheeks to determine a color, and do not use your neck because it tends to be lighter from the lack of sunlight. Apply a small amount to your entire face making sure you cover your forehead, nose and chin, while blending it down onto your neck. Use a damp sponge to blend and remove any lines from the product. 

Use eyeliner. As your lashes begin to lighten, it makes it harder to see them and determine where your lash line is. If you have lighter skin, use a brown pencil, and a black pencil if you have darker skin. Using a pencil gives you more control and allows for a more natural look. Apply the liner to the top only, so it does not give the effect of dragging eyes. On your lids, use a medium brown shadow in the crease of your eye lid, and add a lighter color like champagne to your lid, up to the brown. Be sure to blend the colors so it is smooth. To finish off the look apply black mascara to the top lashes. This look will give you brighter looking eyes, and will minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Blush. To give your skin back its youthful glow, apply blush on the highest point of your cheek bones and blend towards the hairline. Your skin sags as we age, so you want to apply it in a way that it directs you away from the problem areas. Instead of using a powder blush, use a cream. It will give a glow to your skin and will last for the whole day.  If you wish to add bronzer, use it lightly. Apply a c shape from your forehead to your temples to under your cheekbones. This technique will enhance your skin structure and make your skin look lighter. 

Defining your eyebrows. Your eyebrows tend to thin on the ends and fade out as you age. Your eyebrows should be natural looking and not take over your face. Use a medium brown pencil or one that matches the color of your eyebrow hair. Use the pencil to apply short strokes to any thin spots, and be sure your eyebrows come to the outer corners of your eye. You can use the pencil to create an arch to your brows as well.

Lips. Your lip color will lighten over time and your lips will also get smaller. To give them a fuller look, be sure to use lip liner first. Lip liner will keep your lipstick from running and give your lips a more defined look. Use a color that closely matches the middle of your lips. Use a more natural looking lipstick, like a medium pink. You can exfoliate your lips before applying lip liner to make them look more plumped as well.

Sticking to more natural colors when you are older will compliment your skin more than doing a dramatic eye and lip. Try these tricks on your next make-up application and you will have people guessing your actual age. 


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