7 Hot Nail Trends For The Spring & Summer

Nail trends are quick and easy ways to add a pop of color or make a statement to any outfit. The 7 biggest trends in nails are solid colors, tips, nail art, pastels, neutrals, glitter, and textured polishes. Here are the hottest nail trends, along with the hottest nail colors.

1. Solids. Solid colors work good for any occasion. If you have darker skin, do all white nails. For a color that goes great on all skin tones, try coral. To keep your look classic, use red nail polish. If you like to match your lipstick and your nail polish, fuchsia is the color to use. And for a metallic look, use silver but add an extra layer to make it extra shiny.


2. Tips. Nail tips don’t just have to be the classic french white, you can do colored tips as well. Do a twist on a french manicure with one color underneath, and another color as the tips. You can also add glitter at the tips in place of polish. Try a reverse tip with the bottom of your nail in a different color then the rest of your nail. It will make a statement and have people noticing your awesome manicure.

3. Nail Art. Nail art can be done with stickers or free handed. You can do the ombre nails just by using different polish colors and a sponge. Use a fine tipped polish to draw designs on your own nails, or buy the sticker decals to put on your nails. Any way you do the design, it will make your nails stand out from all the rest. 

4. Pastels. Pastel colors are not only in for clothes, and hair, they are also in for nails as well. You can use a coral, baby blue, baby yellow, or even a lilac for your nails. You can even match them with your out fit for the day. Try also to combine two colors together and do half the nail one color, and half the nail another color to mix it up a bit.

5. Neutrals. Neutral nails can go with any thing you wear and for any occasion. The key to the neutral nail trend is to use a polish that matches your skin tone, and not just use a clear or a neutral color. The best results are if you go a little bit darker then your skin tone, to get the full effect. Make sure you have a nicely done manicure before painting your nails.


6. Glitter. Glitter nail polish is just about always in style. The biggest glitter nail polish colors that are in right now are light pinks or peaches, emerald greens, and darker blues. To really make the glitter come out, use a color that matches the glitter as a first layer (after your base coat) and put the glitter polish on top. It really adds an extra pop to your polish.

7. Textured. Textured nail polish is one of the newest and biggest nail trends of the year. The textured polish look gives an edge to the normal manicure. You can try the sand polish, foil finish polish, or even the latex like polish. They all give a different texture then the normal polish that you can not only see but feel as well.

These are the 7 hot nail trends for spring and summer. All of these trends can be done at home or in the salon. If your nails are in bad shape, then you can even get all of these trends (except the textured one) done in shellac, which will help make your nails grow healthier and stronger. It also doesn’t chip. Try out these nail trends to add a new twist or pop of color to your style.


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