5 ways to boost volume

Fast and easy tricks to help you with your flat lifeless hair.

1. Lose the part! Keeping your hair parted in the same place tends to flatten your hair. Switch your part to the other side for an instant volume boost. You can also lose the part all together by pulling your hair straight back. Use  hairspray to help keep it in place.

2.Condition First, Then Shampoo!  While most people shampoo their hair before they condition it, that just causes your hair to be weighted down resulting in a flat look. By conditioning it before you shampoo, it will remove excess build up, and result in fuller hair.

3. Get the right cut! If you have thick hair avoid getting a one-length cut. It will cause your hair to become very weighted down. Instead try a long layered haircut to give your hair the movement it needs. With thinner hair try a shorter more layered cut to give an appearance of thickness.

4. Blow up, Not out! When blow drying  hair first ruff dry your hair, then blow dry in an upward motion to create volume. After use the cool shot to freeze the hair for a thinker appearance.

5. Add Oil! Use an all natural plant oil to help remove the heavier oils on the scalp. When you wash your hair, you will get healthier and cleaner hair.


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