1 Weeks Worth of Beauty Trends

Summer is coming to an end. Now is the time to finish out your summer with a bang, and looking great while doing it. Here are some trends for the 1st week of August.

1. Berry Stained Lips. 
Adding color to your lips can make them look plumper and fuller. Berry is a pretty color that can be lighter or darker, which ever you choose. Think of the color your lips turn after eating blackberries and the thats the color lipstick or lip gloss to go with. Pair this with more neutral colors for your eyes and cheeks, so that way your lips stand out.

2. Hairline Braids.
A hairline braid is a great way to add a little something to a straight hairstyle or a natural wave. You can do one across your bangs like a rope braid, or going towards the back of your head like cornrows. Either way, this is a playful style that can be dressed up or down, and is great to wear from the beach to the city.

3. A Hint of Silver Sparkle.
Adding a little bit of shimmer to your lids is great, and can be played up or down for a daytime or night time look. For day time, use a lighter gray with a silver sparkle and a thin line of blue or dark gray eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. For night, use gray and black for a smokey eye.

4. Top Knots.
Top knots are a great way to easily style your hair, and look cute too. They are cute, messy, and great for a morning that you are running late to work or school. If you also didn’t wash your hair, it can hide that. Also if you put a fun peekaboo in your hair, this will show it off even though your hair isn’t down.

5. False Lashes.
Amp up your eyes and make your lashes look like they go on for days by adding on a pair of fake lashes. Use a band lash on each eye and follow up with your favorite mascara. They will make your lashes look longer and fuller. be sure to remove them before going to bed.

6. Gold Polish.
Gold nail polish looks great in the sun, and really will enhance any tan. Don’t go for a dark gold polish, choose a light more of a rose gold. It may seem a little light, but really shines in the sun. It also will go with almost any outfit. 

7. Contrasting Lips & Lids.
This trend is a way to play with your make-up. You can do contrasting colors one on your eyes and a more subtle one on your lips. They don’t match, but it still looks good. Just make sure, if one is really drastic to tone the other one down. 

Try these styles out now, and maybe you will be rocking some new looks this school year. Have fun, and look out for some more looks for next week.

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