1 More Weeks Worth of Beauty Trends

Celebrities are who most people consider there style icons. For clothes, hair, make-up and accessories we love the way they look on a daily basis. Here are a weeks worth of trends that you will see a lot of celebrities rocking! 

1. My Little Pony Hair.

Some people change their hair as often as they change their clothes. Pastel colors are really in for your hair. From pink to green, purple to blue, any pastel color can be the one for you.Be careful though because changing your hair color frequently can be damaging to your hair. Be sure to get it done by a professional and listen to what they tell you. 


2. Natural Texture.
Natural textured hair is great for the summer. It allows your hair to be free of heat. Wash your hair as you normally would, and put in a few leave in products, then let your hair dry naturally. This is great if you are at the beach or pool all day, or just hanging around your house. 

3. Braided Bun.
Buns are not just for ballerina’s, they can be used in an everyday look. They are even becoming popular for dances, and weddings. You can do a braid into a bun, or a braid then wrap it into a bun. Either way they are quick, easy, and make for a great hairstyle.

4. Electric Eyeliner.
Fun, playful, bold. These are all words that describe electric eyeliner. Electric eyeliner is any color that is bright, colorful and stands out from normal everyday eyeliner. If you are wearing electric eyeliner, then just apply a coat of your favorite mascara, and your eyes are all set. Let the liner speak for itself. 

5. Sleek Hair and Cherry Lips.
Sleek hair is a sophisticated, and classy look that is amped up when paired with cherry lips. If you are going to a nice dinner, black tie event, or even a wedding, this look will always be in style. Top it off with your favorite little black dress, and you are sure to be a hit.

6. Completely Matching.
Matching is always a good thing, especially when it comes to an event or and outfit. You can match by going with the same theme, or color. When putting together your next outfit, try matching your nails to it. You will set yourself apart from other people, and it looks like you took time to plan your whole look out. 

7. Bronze cheeks and lips. 
Everyone loves there summer tan and glow. Amp it up by adding a bit of bronzer on your cheeks, and a touch of a bronze colored lipstick on your lips. It will really enhance your color, and give your skin a nice glow. 

Try out these trends and experience all of the great things summer has to offer. There are only a few more weeks left to enjoy the summer.

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